Kenpo Karate: A Guide


Kenpo is a world renowned martial arts technique that has been proven to be one of the most effective and efficient art in decades of years, this has been made possible because of the different guiding principles of the masters of kenpo karate. The first of these guiding principles is about the circle and the line. When faces with an opponent charging towards you in a straight line of attack, you should move in a circular pattern with your feet and also use your arms to deflect the attack also in a circular pattern.

The reverse is also true when you are confronted with an attacker moving in a circular motion, the response must be a quick straight line attack as such, a kenpo practitioner at always thinks that the circle can overcome the line as well as the line can subdue the circle.  There is also the principle on striking first. Kenpo karate is a striking martial arts and it has been traditionally makes use of hand movements more than feet movements but then the percentage of using the hand as much as the feet can be reversed.

It is recommended that if there is an attacker, you should hit first, continuously hard until he leaves, runs or is subdued. Use your fists and feet first, they are effective against multiple attackers. Hitting your opponent continuously with multiple attacks have far better effectiveness than a combination of two or three punches, you must strike repeatedly and in succession aiming for the high, low, straight and along a circular pattern. There is a technique in the delivery of these successive strikes and the best known strategy is to stun your opponent with the first and second strikes then the successive strikes are aimed at distracting and slowing them down.

The third and fourth strikes are called the power blows and it is based on the maxim of setting up your opponent first before taking him out. Rapid and continued strikes allow for your energy to be exhausted early and you need to be hitting the right targets otherwise you will tire and your opponent can get back at you.  For more details about kenpo karate, visit

It is therefore proper that you use your to deliver the most damage effectively and efficiently and the only way to do that is to hit the right targets. In American kenpo Karate terms, hit the soft targets, it is designed to hit the soft parts of the body such as the temple, face, nose, stomach, solar plexus, floating ribs and groin to simply slow down and pummel away the aggressor’s body.


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